Development of “Citizen Interface” Mobile Application for Kolkata Municipal Corp.


Business Need

To provide some basic service information to its Citizens on Android App
Developed in Android
  • 13 main citizen service are developed i.e. Property Tax Due, Last date of Rebate, Outstanding Property Tax, Hearing Date, Mutation Status etc.
  • Each individual service under the „Mobile App‟ would be accessed through a Menu/Icon
  • The Android Application downloaded in the Citizen’s handsets will internally call the REST Web Services hosted on current KMC secure domain.

Beas Solution

    • Challenges -

  • Large number of concurrent users -Soon after the launch, number of registered users went up to 100K. Number of concurrent users also went as high as 4000+. It is currently, being used in Kolkata and more features are getting added every month
  • registration with Signature upload. All the details of the customer need to be registered on App with their name, address, phone number etc. Material needs to be added in
  • Solution-
  • Scalable architecture – The developed Android App was designed to call REST Web Services hosted over HTTPS (on Internet) that returns JESON data.
  • Buffer Stream Management- Andriod app hosted on a place like Google App Store

Benefits / Accomplishments

  • Benfit to the Client
  • Reduction of daily public dealing – Through this mobile app KMC is now being able to provide people of Kolkata all the basic information they require on real time basis without visiting KMC physically. This helps in better utilization of KMC’s human resources and at the same time facilitating general citizens a fast response.
  • Rich User Experience – The citizen of Kolkata now easily can get their required information through this mobile app and they do not need to visit every time at KMC office for the same.
  • Accomplishment of Beas
  • Development of mobile applications where user base is more 100K
  • Managing 5 million People in Kolkata
  • System availability 99% +

Technology Platform

  • Android Native for Android Application
  • Java based central server
  • Oracle 10g DB