Development of “e-Commerce” System for CraigList


Business Need

E-Commerce App
Developed in Native Android
  • Listing of products from Craigslist website
  • Selection of country, state and region
  • Display of product details with price
  • Implementation of Escrow facility
  • Notification and Approval of buying request

Beas Solution

    • Solution Highlights: Android App provides the following FEATURES to the customer.

  • Fetching products from Craigslist website – User needs to select multiple country and product category. Based on the selection , all the products should be fetched from Craigslist URL. User can select products and see their details. User may contact client and use MakeOffer button to send mail notification with desired price and quantity. On approval, user may go for Escrow payment.
  • Xload (Unload) services – Once the pickup process is completed, all the materials selected should be displayed in Xload. User may have single scan technique to unload those materials
  • Delivery services – Once the Xload is done, delivery process starts. All the materials selected in Pickup should be visible here

Benefits / Accomplishments

  • Benefits to Client
  • Wider Reach for their Customers and hence the opportunity for location based sales and marketing
  • Convenient shopping options for the Customers along with Payments
  • Competitive Edge for their business
  • Accomplishment of Beas
  • Development of this unique e-Commerce App to be used world wide
  • Search engine optimization using multiple location and category selections
  • Integration of Payment feature using mail, chat, etc. for the potential buyers

Technology Platform

  • Java
  • Native Android
  • MySQL
  • JSON