Development / Maintenance of “Import/Export” System for Reserve Bank of Malawi, Africa


Business Need

For managing Export / Import Process and documents
Developed in Java / Alfresco / Oracle DB
  • This is an import export system web Application
  • Depending on user role user can log into the system and can place order.
  • View and print order details and can cancel order.
  • Addition of payment line of order can be set transaction type for a transaction
  • After placing order system admin will check the order details and submit the order or revert back the order to bank admin
  • There is several status of transaction like Draft, Referred, Cancelled, Posted, Submitted ETC
  • All the PDFs and other documents required for these processes are uploaded and stored in the database

Beas Solution

    • Solution Highlights: Application provides the following FEATURES to the client

  • This application is controlled by different roles and admin can set privileges for the user. It has some main features like
  • Application has CMS (Content Management System) and admin may view all the uploaded content on screen
  • CD1 Form (For Export):- It is an export form filled up by local Bank and AD bank may add payment line to the form, and submit and it can be acquitted by system admin
  • Form E Form (For Import):- It is mainly import form filled by AD bank, It is submitted or canceled by Rbm Admin. The form E is checked by System Admin. If any wrong information is added, it is refereed by system admin to Rbm Admin
  • FCDA:- It is mainly used to check or add the balance of Exporter
  • Mange User Details: – System Admin can also manage the user information

Benefits / Accomplishments

  • Benfit to the Client
  • The entire manual process is automated enabling an improvement in Process efficiency. Clients can handle different types of currency online. Clients can generate Reports on basis on CD1, Form E, and User FCDA in different formats.
  • Accomplishment of Beas
  • Development of this unique System of Export Import System for Reserve Bank of Malawi, Africa

Technology Platform

  • Alfresco
  • Java
  • Oracle 10g