Development of “Material Pickup, Unloading and Delivery” System for Moving Professionals


Business Need

For Pickup and Delivery
Developed in Android (Phonegap / Eclipse)
  • Complete role based App
  • Includes Device communication (Scanner)
  • Connected to the website
  • Takes care of Pickup, Unloading and Delivery of the materials

Beas Solution

    • Solution Highlights: Android App provides the following FEATURES to the client.

  • Pickup Services – This service includes user registration with Signature upload. All the details of the customer need to be registered on App with their name, address, phone number etc. Material needs to be added in master. All the materials should be displayed in transaction screen. As the app is connected to scanner, the selection of materials is done through double scanning technique. Once double scanned, it gets vanished from the list. Additional items can also be uploaded through this App. User may enter item name and quantity to upload. On submission, all the information will be saved in main database through JSON and PHP handler.
  • Xload (Unload) services – Once the pickup process is completed, all the materials selected should be displayed in Xload. User may have single scan technique to unload those materials
  • Delivery services – Once the Xload is done, delivery process starts. All the materials selected in Pickup should be visible here

Benefits / Accomplishments

  • The entire manual process is automated enabling an improvement in Process efficiency. This app is used both by the customers and the drivers at their ends. Client can monitor the activity details for the customers and the drivers on Admin screen.
  • Accomplishment of Beas
  • Development of this unique App that communicates with device scanner.
  • Implementation of business activities of Movers and Packers.

Technology Platform

  • Phonegap
  • Eclipse
  • MySQL
  • JSON