Development of “User Profile Maintenance” System


Business Need

User Profile Setup
Developed in Native Android
  • Facebook Login
  • User can set up their profile
  • Admin can change and delete any profile
  • User may add / delete fields to their existing profiles
  • API development to pull user profile from third party website

Beas Solution

    • Solution Highlights: Android App provides the following FEATURES to the customer.

  • User Profile creation – This app is mainly for collecting information for hotel booking. User may login with Facebook login and create user profile with all the details of their booking preference. User may add/delete fields to their profiles if required. User may use drag and drop technique for this. Once the profile is created, identification number is generated. API is developed to pull all those profile information when any user (customer) visits any hotel and hotel officials wants to pull profile data during booking using their identification number

Benefits / Accomplishments

  • Benefits to Client
  • Sharing of profile information online during hotel booking through API
  • Centralized access of profiles for various purposes
  • Competitive Edge for their business
  • Accomplishment of Beas
  • Development of this unique App
  • It can be operated anywhere in the world
  • Achievement of Customer/Business Satisfaction

Technology Platform

  • Java
  • Native Android
  • MySQL
  • JSON