Technology Competence

BEAS’s span of Technology competence is wide. While it has executed software assignments in INGRES and INFORMIX, it has delivered multiple solutions in DOT NET, Java/J2EE, Flex and Liferay/Alfresco. This capability of being able to provide services in a wide range of Technologies has positioned BEAS as an effective Solutions provider.

Within Software development BEAS provides the following services:

Application Development

Application Maintenance

Mobile App Development

Offshore Development

• Professional Services

One of BEAS’s major focus in Application development is Web-based development. It has a vast web-development experience in Technologies stabled by Microsoft, Oracle, Sun and IBM. Strong capabilities in OOAD, UML and Tools such as Rational Rose have been key to delivering efficient Web development capabilities and n-Tier Application development.

BEAS’s development methodology incorporates detailed analysis and creation of Use Cases, using which the system is clearly defined, and then documented. Efficient design and architecture of the application is done to make it effective and maintainable. BEAS’s quality processes are rigorous, and apply to every detail of the development life-cycle. Development is followed by unit-testing, functional testing and system testing, ensuring that all parts of the application, across its various layers, are in conformance to the required behavior of the Users.

BEAS works in both modes – on-site as well as off-shore. By dividing the work in such a way that the client facing interactions are all done on-site, while the construction is done offshore, it ensures a very cost-effective solution, to its Customers. Methodologies to interface internally between on-site and offshore are field – proven. A number of such assignments have been completed where the combined team has delivered cost-effective services, providing low cycle-time responsiveness and high quality deliverables. Its development processes include both SDLC as well as ‘agile’ methodologies, giving its customers the flexibility of building the application incrementally.

BEAS is Technology-independent and develops its solutions using Languages, Tools, Application Servers and Data-Base servers of the customer’s choice. Its offshore Technical expertise spans varied technologies, making BEAS a preferred choice for most Global Customers.