Application Development

Leveraging Web Technologies to Build Efficient Businesses

BEAS is an application development company, which is adequately geared with professional expertise and domain knowledge to leverage a gamut of Web, Mobile, Cloud and M2M related technologies to develop and deliver custom application development services that help its customers garner accelerated growth for their businesses. Its skilled team of application developers have expertise on multiple domains enabling them to deliver reliable and robust implementations for varied business segments. Its domain expertise cover industries such as Media and Entertainment, e-Governance, GPS, Banking, Travel & Tourism, Logistics, Tools, Non-banking financials, Shipping and Air Traffic Management. The knowledge gained from each domain has helped BEAS in enriching its solutions to provide customized benefits to organizations in various industries.

BEAS provides services that cater to B2B , B2C and M2M types of framework. It ensures a faster time-to-market for its customers through efficient application development processes and reusable components that help its customers to further garner better ROI on its products and increase bottom lines.

Each of its delivery is well researched, analyzed and aligned to the client’s choice of technologies. Since it can adopt a multitude of technoloies in its implementations – be it emerging or legacy, BEAS has over time developed an expertise over varied technologies enriching every delivery and making them more relevant for the customer. Moreover, its capabilities in performing detailed analysis of the application development project, has lead to a more comprehensive understanding of its client’s requirements helping them to simplify even the most complex of processes.

BEAS’s application development experts, with their insightful approach, weave-in the changing market trends into its implementation. They drive each and every delivery process ensuring the relevance of the solution to the present context.

BEAS is technology–agnostic. It works on the tools, application servers and database servers as requested by the client. Consequently, provided with this unique opportunity to access and work on technologies recommended by customers, its technical team is exposed to challenges that accompany the adoption of these varied technologies. As a result, BEAS has honed its technical acumen and augmented its expertise in developing and delivering effective solutions that are based on technologies stabled by Oracle, Microsoft, Google and a host of open source technologies to cater to the specific application development needs of its customers.

BEAS strictly conforms to well-defined process methodologies that are appraised at the best industry standards. It follows both the agile and waterfall methodology as its process application development frameworks, drawing the best benefits from both methods. This helps it serve its clients with the flexibility and efficiency they require to deliver solutions that are accurately designed and embedded with an enhanced ability to generate appropriate results. Its strong process capabilities help in understanding and delivering client requirements accurately thus building better relationships in every delivery.

BEAS’s application development solutions enables its customers to experience the following benefits :

  • Thoroughly tested solution to ensure its compliance with user behavior. Solutions are geared with intuitive user interfaces to ease-out user adoption,
  • Compatibility with multiple browsers,
  • All codes adhering to standard guidelines and policies and can be easily maintained,
  • All Codes and APIs are cleaned and properly formatted,
  • Ensures full compliance with existing and/or new requirements and upgrades of application development technology being adopted.