Mobile Apps Development

Enhancing Mobility through Quality Services

Backed by a strong team of expert app developers and designers, BEAS has developed a host of robust mobile applications for its global customers in varied domains. With traditional systems and channels being replaced the world-over by mobile deliveries the requirement for intuitive and innovative mobile apps is primary. BEAS has the experience, capability and the wherewithal to develop creative, optimal and feature-rich mobile applications to fulfill its customers’ business strategies. BEAS has implemented mobility in all the primary genres of mobile application technologies and has translated its customers’ strategies and thoughts into world-class mobile apps development solutions.

BEAS’ skilled pool of resources include UX engineers, analysts and mobile application developers who are confident in handling varied client specifications and implementing them into apps which are not only fast but also intelligent. Its skilled graphic designers are professionally equipped to deliver creative and attractive mobile app UI designs, thus enhancing usage efficiencies.

BEAS’s mobile application development team specializes in :

  • iOS apps Development
  • Android Mobile application Development
  • Windows Mobile application Development
  • Blackberry Mobile application Development
  • Cross-Platform mobile Frameworks such as Phonegap/Ionic

Its technically adept team has proven expertise in innovative mobile apps development for the various platforms mentioned above. They have developed mobile application development solutions in varied functionalities and domains, such as in finance, logistics, Retail, Media and Entertainment, Vehicle booking, and Queue management. In-depth skills in building APIs and Web services, have further augmented these delivered mobile apps by integrating them with external applications and social media, thus enhancing reach and popularity, and aligning the solution to its customers’ business objectives and competitive strategy.

Some of the benefits that BEAS’s mobile application development solutions provide include :

  • Provide a scalable architecture with an ability to handle feature upgrades as and when required,
  • Ensure adaptability to any device,
  • Provide creative UI designs to accommodate user behavior,
  • Ensure rich integration with ‘Share’ and ‘social networking’ capabilities,
  • Ensure capabilities to manage buffering streaming effectively thus providing optimal response,
  • Provide compactness of code and optimized designs,
  • Provide an intuitive and rich user interface,

Harness the benefits we provide to implement your strategies and create a future focused mobility road-map for your organization.