Cloud Computing

Build Your Digital Roadmap Strategy in the Cloud

Many Organisations have begun to move away from on-premise applications. BEAS has geared up to provide them with suitable alternatives. As this strategic shift in business preference takes precedence, BEAS ensures that its customer’s business is provided with the correct cloud application development services.

BEAS offers services for hosting, running and maintaining customer solutions on
Secure Servers with its Outsourcing partner. Apart from web access its customers do not need to make investments in additional hardware or software. BEAS has a number of developed solutions that can be made available on a SAAS mode. Over the years, BEAS has developed a number of solutions and frameworks meant for usage on the Cloud –an eStore generator, a Zero Q-wait-time solution, and a Cab booking solution. BEAS is in the process of implementing some more solutions, meant for usage in the cloud environment.

BEAS’s cloud computing capabilities and unique cloud application development service
offerings provide organisations with Cloud computing services that cover the entire gamut of crucial functionalities in their business. With its application hosting and support services BEAS has evolved as a one-stop solution provider of cloud application development services for its customers.

BEAS has developed  unique capabilities over the various nuances of the SaaS delivery model. It understands the basic requirements that necessitate the need for Cloud models and the various challenges impeding its successful implementation. Cloud Computing at BEAS is built to address all these challenges and meet the varied needs that lead to a satisfying user adoption of Cloud applications.

BEAS’s domain strengths cover a wide range of industry verticals namely Media and
Entertainment, GPS, Air Traffic Management, logistics, Banking and Non-Banking Financials, E-Governance, Travel and Tourism, Shipping and Tools.

Its extensive knowledge in each of these domains has helped BEAS to emerge as a major Cloud application development company that can provide robust and industry focused cloud based software solutions in various domians.

BEAS has built its strength from each of its implementations. Its varied experiences have helped it develop solid technical knowledge, expertise and resilient process frameworks for the major cloud providers – Amazon , Google Cloud and MS-Azure. All these ensure that it delivers cloud development applications that are safeguarded against all possible risks, ensuring a significant reduction in implementation time. BEAS gives you the assurance of ensuring your on-demand availability to meet customer needs, rapid scalability by utilizing automatic scale-up/scale-down, lower infra and facility costs by using virtualization / multi-tenancy and enhanced security with features such as SSL, MAC etc.

With BEAS you can map your digital road-map, in the Cloud, efficiently and quickly.