Application Maintenance

Sustaining and Adding Value to Assets

BEAS realises the significance of its customers’ Application systems and their role as crucial drivers of growth that implement and enhance their business process efficiencies.

BEAS’s expert Application Maintenance services enable its customers to maintain and sustain these key business assets and derive competitive advantage. By leveraging its advice on feature augmentation and mobility strategy implementations, BEAS’s customers have further added value to their assets.

BEAS defines, measures and improves on agreed SLAs to ensure that its customers enjoy the benefits of higher return on investments, higher availability, higher performance and faster time-to-market.

It follows a detailed process driven application maintenance plan by defining the Responsibility Matrix. This helps to provide a clear identification of responsibilities for all stakeholders. Moreover its process definitions mandate evaluation of all usability options,
leading to higher productivity.

Its Tool based management process ensures better project management, ensuring enhanced mechanisms for tracking incidents and implementing effective change management models. Its SLA management and measurement systems provide further scope for improvement in engagement efficiencies. By leveraging the benefits of Configuration management and Version control tools, BEAS is able to implement efficient archival methods and code tracing.

BEAS provides proactive technology specific application maintenance in database monitoring and data management to ensure high availability, higher performance, response
optimization and business continuity. Its fast response to user needs and fast resolution of issues further augment this goal.

BEAS covers a broad spectrum of technology and industry domains that help to extend its versatility in handling assets, built on these domains.

BEAS is also equipped with relevant technical capabilities to implement and support migration of applications with enhanced features, from legacy to more sustainable platforms.

Its quick approach to issue resolution helps it enhance product performance, ensure high availability, reduce operational risks and implement short-cycle time deliveries thus reducing its customers’ time-to-market. BEAS endeavours to provide a one-stop solution to all its customers’ application maintenance issues.

Some of the other benefits BEAS’s application maintenance offerings provide are :

  • Elegant and ‘responsive’ User Interface designs
  • Enhanced application performance management
  • Flexible interface management to enhance comfort level
  • Minimized defect density

Its recommended system augmentations are designed to help its customers elevate the
competitiveness of their business. Its streamlined “handing-over processes” ensure sufficient hand-holding to make the transition seamless and effective. Its emphasis on responding to customer needs, leads to more productive business for its customers.

Enrich your business with value-added assets maintained under our expert application maintenance care.